Where can you find Portfolio on IIFL Markets app

What information is available in the Portfolio section?

Portfolio section gives you consolidated information about all your investments and trades..

This page has 3 tabs:
Holdings - For the stocks that you have purchased and are present in your Demat account
Positions - To track your open & closed positions, as well as your intraday orders
Mutual Funds - For you to track your MF investments.

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    • Where can I view my Portfolio news?

      Click on the insights icon (on top right of your screen) under the holdings section in the portfolio tab. Click on 'Portfolio News' from the pop up menu. Click on the news article you want to read.
    • What details are available in each trade's position?

      Following information are available in each trade's position: Stock symbol of the scrip Quantity Average Price Last Traded Price MTM Type of Order - Delivery, Intraday, BO, CO and so on.
    • Why is my 'Withdrawable Balance' displayed in the Withdraw Funds section different from 'Available Margin'?

      We have to account for the following scenarios when we display your withdrawable balance. It is essentially available margin minus the provisioning for deductions for the below-mentioned scenarios -  1) If you have sold shares, it takes 2 trading ...
    • What information does Holdings tab provide?

      Holdings tab comprises of all your stocks in your demat account.  This has two sections: The top section has the consolidated performance parameters of the Holdings in your portfolio. These include the Current Value of your portfolio, Total ...
    • What is Superstars Portfolio?

      Superstar portfolio provides shareholdings of large, well-known investors. You can find out which companies the biggest superstar shareholders(individuals and institutional) like Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Dolly Khanna, Ramesh Damani, Goldman Sachs etc are ...