What is the process to invest in Global Investing?

What is the process to invest in Global Investing?

  1. Login into IIFL markets App
  2. Click on Hamburger menu option
  3. Invest > Global Investing
  4. You will get redirected to Global Investing landing page
  5. You can either sign-up/ sign-in
  6. You will get redirected to Stockal’s global investing platform where you can start exploring and investing in US Markets

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    • What is Global Investing?

      Global Investing is the platform through which investors can invest in US Equities and ETFs. IIFL Securities has partnered with Stockal based in New York with offices in Bangalore. With over 40 years of capital markets experience, the Stockal team ...
    • What benefits will I get when I invest from IIFL Securities global investing platform?

      Fractional Investing, through which a fraction of a share can be bought and Minimum investment amount is 0.01$ Zero Account opening fees Zero Account Maintenance Charges Zero Brokerage for 5 trades/ month Post that 0.01$ is the brokerage per share ...
    • Should I be an IIFL customer to invest globally?

      No, IIFL Securities is allowing both IIFL and non- IIFL customers to invest in global markets through global investing platform
    • Where is your U.S. investing account held?

      Your investing (brokerage) account is opened at Stockal's US brokerage and clearing services partner DriveWealth - a FINRA regulated brokerage firm. It is a licensed carrying and self-clearing broker offering brokerage services to global investors
    • Who can invest in NCD?

      Category I (Institutional Category) •  Public Financial Institutions, Statutory Corporations, Commercial Banks, Co‐operative Banks and Regional Rural Banks which are authorized to invest in NCDs. •  Provident Funds, Pension Funds, Superannuation ...