What is a Mutual Fund SIP Request?

What is a Mutual Fund SIP Request?

A Mutual Fund SIP Request is an online instruction placed by you on the IIFL Mutual Fund app by authorizing IIFL to place buy orders in your account as per the details specified by you. SIP get registered through IIFL at BSE Exchange.

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    • What is Mutual Fund SIP?

      Mutual Fund SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) is an investment option in which you can invest in regular, disciplined manner. Through an SIP, you can invest a fixed amount monthly (or at a frequency chosen) in a mutual fund scheme of your choice. You ...
    • How to cancel Mutual Fund SIP?

      Yes, you can cancel your Mutual Fund SIP request by visiting the Mutual Fund SIP registration book under the Mutual Fund holding page of your online trading account. You can login to https://mf.indiainfoline.com/MFOnline/Login and visit Ongoing SIP ...
    • Can I place Mutual Fund SIP Request at any time during the day?

      Yes. You may place Mutual Fund SIP Request at any time during the day and even post market hours.
    • Can I place Mutual Fund SIP request in any Mutual Fund Scheme?

      Mutual Fund SIP requests can be placed in all mutual fund schemes available on BSE Star MF scheme master. Scheme Master gets updated as available in the BSE exchange. Every mutual fund scheme will have an objective, suggested investment horizon, risk ...
    • How to change Mutual Fund (MF) SIP Mandate from Ledger to Savings ?

      You can change the Mutual Fund SIP mandate from ledger to savings, following the steps below: Login via MF website -> Dashboard -> Holdings -> Ongoing SIP -> Mandate Action -> Change Payment Mode -> Tap on ‘Yes’ -> Choose existing mandate / create ...