What details are available for an Idea?

What details are available for an Idea?

Each stock idea contains a target price and a stoploss. The return (maximum profit or loss) on executing the trade is also available.
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    • What details are available in each trade's position?

      Following information are available in each trade's position: Stock symbol of the scrip Quantity Average Price Last Traded Price MTM Type of Order - Delivery, Intraday, BO, CO and so on.
    • What is the potential profit or loss for any Idea?

      In the idea card, enter the quantity you want to buy/sell and you'll get the maximum profit and maximum loss you can make with the idea.
    • What factors impact 'Available Margin'?

      Available Margin will get updated when you: 1) Add funds 2) Withdraw funds 3) Place any order 4) Pledge your holdings for additional margin
    • How can I change my bank account details ?

      You can change your bank account by following these steps- Through IIFL Mobile App 1.Login to Mobile app. 2.Select My reports. 3.Select My profile. 4.Select Bank details. 5.Click on change account. 6.Enter Account Number & Re-enter account number ...
    • What does 'Available Margin' mean?

      Available Margin' is the maximum amount upto which you can place trades. It consists of your funds balance (cash deposited with IIFL) and margin obtained by pledging the holdings present in your demat account. Adjustments for trades that you place ...