What information can I see in my watchlist about a stock or scrip?

What information can I see in my watchlist about a stock or scrip?

When you add a stock to your watchlist, you can see the following information:

  1. Stock Symbol.
  2. Last Traded Price (LTP) of the Stock (Along with its absolute and percentage change with respect to the close price of the previous day).
  3. Exchange Name (NSE / BSE).
  4. Volume (measures the number of shares traded in a stock or contracts traded in futures or options).

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      There are multiple ways to add stocks to your Watchlist. Wherever you see the ‘ + ‘ icon near a scrip name, you will be able to add a scrip to your Watchlist. Be it, Company detail page, Option Chain or Search. For adding stocks to an empty ...
    • How do I add to Watchlist directly from Search?

      To add any stock or contract to your Watchlist, you can just tap on the ‘+’ on the right side of the scrip name once you search for it, and it will add your stock to the desired Watchlist.
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      If the sorting is either of  Alphabetically % Change LTP Volume Then, the scrip is added according to the sorting applied. If the sorting is manual, then the scrip is added to the bottom of the list.