What if I forget my PIN for Login?

What if I forget my PIN for Login?

  • You can login using OTP and then go to settings and update your PIN

  • Alternatively, if you are using a new mobile device, where you have already used OTP for device verification, you can use ‘ Forgot PIN’ option and reset you PIN using your Year of Birth

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    • If I have forgotten my password/PIN, what should I do?

      You can reset your PIN using IIFL Markets App. However you have a choice to choose between the login options- Login with OTP or Login via PIN
    • Do I need an OTP to login to IIFL Markets App?

      You only need to use OTP once for mobile device verification before entering you PIN Once you have entered OTP in a device, you do not need to enter it again, unless you are trying to login to a new mobile device However, if you forget your PIN, you ...
    • What if I do not have a PIN yet?

      At the time of first time logging in to new login method of IIFL Markets App, you will be asked to set up a PIN, without which, you will be unable to login You will be guided to enter your Year of Birth to complete the process of setting up your PIN
    • What if I forget my Client ID , can I still login?

      Yes, you can login using your registered mobile number/email ID instead of Client ID
    • How can I Login to my IIFL Markets App?

      You can login to your IIFL Markets App using any of one the following methods Registered Mobile Number Registered Email ID Client ID  After that, use your PIN or Device Lock ( Fingerprint, Face ID, Pattern) to login