What if I do not have a PIN yet?

What if I do not have a PIN yet?

  • At the time of first time logging in to new login method of IIFL Markets App, you will be asked to set up a PIN, without which, you will be unable to login

  • You will be guided to enter your Year of Birth to complete the process of setting up your PIN

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    • If I have forgotten my password/PIN, what should I do?

      You can reset your PIN using IIFL Markets App. However you have a choice to choose between the login options- Login with OTP or Login via PIN
    • What if I forget my PIN for Login?

      You can login using OTP and then go to settings and update your PIN Alternatively, if you are using a new mobile device, where you have already used OTP for device verification, you can use ‘ Forgot PIN’ option and reset you PIN using your Year of ...
    • I am yet to receive the referral reward due to me as per the offer!!

      Your reward will be credited after 15 days of a successful referral. A Successful referral constitutes: The Referee has to open his account within 30 days of being referred. The Referee has to log in to IIFL Markets App, within 7 days of account ...
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      Eligible Holdings includes the stocks that you have pledged for additional margin and also T+1 stocks that are yet to reach your demat account.
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      An unrealized gain/loss is the increase/decrease in the value of an asset or investment that you have invested in, but have not yet sold for cash. It is called "unrealized" gain/loss because it hasn't been booked for gain/loss yet. A gain or loss ...