What does Limit Order mean ?

What does Limit Order mean ?

A ‘LIMIT’ order is an order to buy or sell a security at a specific price.

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    • How to place a Cover Order (CO)?

      A Cover Order is an advanced intraday two-legged order.To put it simply, a Cover Order (CO) is a combination of a market order and a stop-loss order. You can buy or sell a stock as a market/limit order and additionally have the ability to specify a ...
    • How to place a Bracket Order (BO)?

      A Bracket Order (BO) is an advanced intraday three-legged order that is accompanied by a compulsory Target and Stop Loss Order. Order 1: This can be either a Limit or a Market Order. All you have to do is enter the Price you would like to purchase a ...
    • How to place a Stop Loss order?

      A stop-loss order is usually placed to minimize losses on a position. It allows you to place an order only when the market price of the stock reaches or crosses a specified price point also known as the ‘SL Trigger Price’. There are 2 types of ...
    • How can I convert normal order to BO (Bracket Order)?

      No, you cannot change normal order to Bracket Order.
    • Why was my redemption order rejected?

      There are different reasons for rejection of the redemption order. Reasons are as follows: 1. If units are under Lock-in Period then you can place redemption order post completion of Lock-in period. 2. If the units are under Pledge, then first you ...