What does 'Eligible Holdings' mean?

What does 'Eligible Holdings' mean?

Eligible Holdings includes the stocks that you have pledged for additional margin and also T+1 stocks that are yet to reach your demat account.
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    • What does 'Unsettled Credits' mean?

      This is the amount in your 'Previous Day Balance' against which shares are not yet settled. This could be due to multiple reasons, for example: 1. Booked intraday profit from the previous day. 2. Shares sold but not delivered.  If you sell a stock ...
    • Why are the split shares not visible in my holdings?

      After a stock split, the new shares will be added to your DEMAT account in 1 to 2 working days after the record date. Until the split shares are credited to your Demat, your holdings will show an artificial drop in P&L. If it has been more than 4 ...
    • Who is eligible for bonus shares?

      Shareholders who own shares of the company prior to the record date set by the company are eligible for bonus shares.
    • What does 'Available Margin' mean?

      Available Margin' is the maximum amount upto which you can place trades. It consists of your funds balance (cash deposited with IIFL) and margin obtained by pledging the holdings present in your demat account. Adjustments for trades that you place ...
    • I want to consolidate my mutual fund holdings across platforms. How can I do that?

      We have enabled a unique feature "Transfer Holdings" on our platforms. Investors can transfer their holdings outside IIFL Securities to IIFL Securities with changes as applicable with a single click.