How to increase my 'Available margin' to trade?

How to increase my 'Available margin' to trade?

You can Increase your Margin to Trade by:

1) Adding Funds (We support 35+ banks via Net Banking mode and all banks via UPI mode)

2) Pledging your stocks for additional margin.
Follow the below steps to increase your 'Available Margin' by pledging your stocks:
  1. Click on the 'Funds' Icon in the Bottom Menu.
  2. Click on 'Increase Margin' link present under 'Available Margin' number.
  3. Select the stocks you want to pledge.
  4. Click on Submit button and enter the OTP received on your mobile or Email from CDSL/NSDL.
  5. Post Successful OTP verification, the margin will be provided within 5 minutes.
To do this via Mobile App, Click Here
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      Available Margin will get updated when you: 1) Add funds 2) Withdraw funds 3) Place any order 4) Pledge your holdings for additional margin
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