How many stocks can be added to any Watchlist?

How many stocks can be added to any Watchlist?

  • You can add upto 50 stocks per Watchlist. 

  • There are a total 5 customizable Watchlists, each can hold 50 stocks. i.e you can keep track of a total of 250 stocks.

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    • How to add stocks in my Watchlist ?

      There are multiple ways to add stocks to your Watchlist. Wherever you see the ‘ + ‘ icon near a scrip name, you will be able to add a scrip to your Watchlist. Be it, Company detail page, Option Chain or Search. For adding stocks to an empty ...
    • Why do I have NIFTY50, Recently Viewed and My Stocks in the Watchlist section?

      NIFTY50: This Watchlist is pre-defined which includes all stocks present in the NIFTY50 index. Total 50 stocks are listed in this Watchlist. You can track all the stocks from this Watchlist with its Volume. Recently Viewed: When you search for any ...
    • How to delete stocks from Watchlist?

      Swipe right and go to the Watchlist you want to delete stocks. Click on the three dots and you will get a popup menu. Click on the “Edit” icon. Your watchlist will now open up in Edit mode. A “delete” icon will appear beside each stock in your ...
    • How to add stocks directly from search to Watchlist?

      Swipe right and go to the Watchlist and click on the search icon. Search for any stock  and click on the “+” icon beside it. Your stock will get added successfully in the respective Watchlist.
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      The basket is regularly reviewed and cross checked with the model criteria of the broker or advisor who created the Grobox basket. The stocks that no longer fit the criteria may be removed and new stocks that do fit the criteria added. It is upto the ...