How do I search for any stock in IIFL Markets App?

How do I search for any stock in IIFL Markets App?

  1. In IIFL Markets App, to search for any stock, you need to click on the Search icon on the top right corner. ( It is present on all screens )
  2. In the search bar, once you start typing, you will see the screen get divided into 4 sections for keeping things simple.
ALL - This includes all scrips, Cash, FnO, Currency, Commodity, and all segments as well.  ( You can use this section so go to any of the mentioned category of scrips )
CASH - This section is only inclusive for Cash scrips & Indices.
FUTURE - This section is only for Futures of all types ( Equity, Currency, Commodity)
OPTION - This section is only for Option contracts. (Equity, Currency, Commodity)

Some key features of Search in IIFL Markets App -

You can search for option contracts via strike price
You can simply type “18500” to get Option Contracts with strike price of 18500, whether it is Nifty or some other contract.

To further simplify your search, you can type “18500 CE” or “18500 Call” to get only Call Options. Similarly, you can type PE or PUT.

You can search for Futures contracts via Month
You can simply type “Jun Crude oil”  to get the futures contract of that month.

Quick Access to Option Chain
You can simply tap on the option chain icon of the scrip and it will redirect you to the Option Chain page of that scrip.

Quick Add to Watchlist 
You can just tap on the ‘+’ on the right side of the scrip name, and it will add your stock to the desired Watchlist.