Does IIFL provide an educative module for Algo Trading?

Does IIFL provide an educative module for Algo Trading?

Not yet, but we are actively working on it. We will update it on our Social Media Channels soon.
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    • What is Algo Trading?

      Algo Trading is also known as Algorithmic Trading or Black Box Trading. It has many different names as well. It is a process of executing programmed orders by putting in a few conditions using parameters like open, high, low, close, and volume.
    • What other restrictions are kept on IIFL trading platform?

      For the safety of clients and to avoid liquidity concern, manipulated prices, punching errors, IIFL has restricted some trading patterns on TT. However in exceptional circumstances client may be allowed trade in such scrip’s / contracts through ...
    • How can you do Algo Trading?

      There are various ways in which you can do Algo Trading. You can create and backtest your strategy on Excel, other programming languages like python, R, and many more. You can also trade using 3rd party platforms like AlgoBulls.
    • My Karvy Demat Account is moved to IIFL how and when can I start trading?

      You would be required to activate your trading account in a very simple process. To get your account activated, you can visit our nearest branch or visit and follow the steps accordingly to get the account ...
    • Which all APIs do IIFL securities Provide?

      We do provide Authorization, login, Market Feed, Historical Candle, Order, Reports, Transaction Info APIs and many more. You can also refer to Click here  for complete documentation.