Do I need to login on every Mutual Fund SIP date to place the Mutual Fund SIP orders?

Do I need to login on every Mutual Fund SIP date to place the Mutual Fund SIP orders?

No, once you have placed your Mutual Fund SIP requests, Exchange will trigger the SIP orders on every cycle date, SIP will be executed on the successful SIP amount debit.
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    • How to cancel Mutual Fund SIP?

      Yes, you can cancel your Mutual Fund SIP request by visiting the Mutual Fund SIP registration book under the Mutual Fund holding page of your online trading account. You can login to and visit Ongoing SIP ...
    • What is a Mutual Fund SIP Request?

      A Mutual Fund SIP Request is an online instruction placed by you on the IIFL Mutual Fund app by authorizing IIFL to place buy orders in your account as per the details specified by you. SIP get registered through IIFL at BSE Exchange.
    • When would IIFL place my Mutual Fund SIP orders?

      Once the SIP is registered, exchange triggers subsequent SIP on the cycle date. SIP order will be executed basis on the Payment success from Opted mode( Bank, Ledger). 
    • Can I place Mutual Fund SIP request in any Mutual Fund Scheme?

      Mutual Fund SIP requests can be placed in all mutual fund schemes available on BSE Star MF scheme master. Scheme Master gets updated as available in the BSE exchange. Every mutual fund scheme will have an objective, suggested investment horizon, risk ...
    • At what price will my Mutual Fund SIP orders be placed and where can I see details for the same?

      Units will be allotted at closing NAV of the scheme on the SIP date or the applicable business date if the SIP date is a non-business day. You can view the details of all successfully placed SIP orders in your account in the normal Mutual Fund SIP ...