Do I need to activate BNPL everytime I place an order ?

Do I need to activate BNPL everytime I place an order ?

No, activating BNPL is a one-time activity. Once activated you can use it whenever you want by choosing BNPL product while placing an order.
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    • How to activate BNPL?

      While placing the BNPL order you will see terms for Buy Now Pay Later service activation. Act of placing a BNPL order will be a consent for activating Buy Now Pay Later service. After the order is placed, BNPL service activation will be done in 24-48 ...
    • How do I avail BNPL?

      You can choose the product "BNPL" and place a buy order. After that you need to pledge the stock to avail margin benefit.
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      A Cover Order is an advanced intraday two-legged order.To put it simply, a Cover Order (CO) is a combination of a market order and a stop-loss order. You can buy or sell a stock as a market/limit order and additionally have the ability to specify a ...
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      A Bracket Order (BO) is an advanced intraday three-legged order that is accompanied by a compulsory Target and Stop Loss Order. Order 1: This can be either a Limit or a Market Order. All you have to do is enter the Price you would like to purchase a ...
    • How can I place a order a day before the trading session (AMO Order) ?

      Follow the below steps to place an AMO order: Click on the stock you want to place an order Click on Buy to place an order Select product as Delivery or BNPL Select order type Regular or SL & add the quantity  Click to buy button  Your order will be ...