Do I have to be IIFL securities customer to start referring?

Do I have to be IIFL securities customer to start referring?

Yes, you need to have a Demat account with IIFL Securities to start referring.
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    • Should I be an IIFL customer to invest globally?

      No, IIFL Securities is allowing both IIFL and non- IIFL customers to invest in global markets through global investing platform
    • How do I become a IIFL Securities customer?

      Download IIFL Markets App to open your Demat and Trading account by entering your Mobile Number and Email address. Proceed further in the journey by providing your basic KYC information to complete the Account Opening process.
    • My Karvy Demat Account is moved to IIFL how and when can I start trading?

      You would be required to activate your trading account in a very simple process. To get your account activated, you can visit our nearest branch or visit and follow the steps accordingly to get the account ...
    • What role IIFL Securities have to play in this ?

      IIFL Sec has partnered with Sensibull to enable options trading from IIFL Trading platforms (TT Web and IIFL Markets) to IIFL traders. Traders can view option chain directly for a given scrip and can directly trade from the option chain Investment ...
    • Which type of securities are acceptable by IIFL?

      IIFL accept listed equity, Open ended Mutual funds (subject to IIFL scrip categorization). Collateral stock, Fixed Deposits and Bank guarantee are accepted for the derivative segment SPAN margin.