Watchlist 101

Watchlist 101


Humans have always found it easy to understand things better that are set in an orderly manner and have a clear format. In stocks, the numbers are forever changing and keeping a check on all these small changes is multiple scripts a very tough task. 

An investor has to keep a close watch of scripts and this is because the basic principle around which the stock market works is “You snooze, you lose”.  The primary action one must take is to devise a “Stock Watchlist” which must be used to align all the upcoming stocks in a simple listed order.

For a trader, every single stock is equally valuable and important. Setting all these stocks in an organized watchlist and updating it based on your market research is very important. It should be a healthy practice to know where you are investing and how well your stock is performing. 

Well, developing these practices is tough and confusing, but we at IIFL will use this article to explain to you all about our brilliant feature “Watchlist”. It will help you in tracking your investments and taking appropriate decisions on time. 

What is a Watchlist?

A watchlist is a collection of stocks that you keep an eye on to see if they fit into a specific trading strategy.

Why do you need one?

A total of 7400 companies were listed on the National Stock Exchange as of 2020. This number has increased and will keep on increasing as more and more IPOs get published. Keeping track of all these companies is very difficult. In the presence of a Watchlist your chances of tracking your favorite stocks to spot opportunities in the market increase.

Why should you choose us?

To be selected and stand out of the ordinary, everyone must have that extra edge in them. We have come prepared because our Markets app offers you 5 completely customizable watchlists where you can add many stocks according to your liking and preferences. We do not stop here, this is a list of all the available data you get once you join and trade using IIFL: 1) NIFTY50  2) My Stocks  3)Recently Viewed, and an additional 5 purely customizable watchlists. Let us walk you through all these data fields and what they signify…


This watchlist is pre-defined which includes all stocks present in the NIFTY50 market. Total 50 stocks are listed on this watchlist.

As you can see here, without opening any particular stock, you get to view its volume, price flickering (a green arrow shows an increase and a red arrow signifies a drop), we show the percentage change in price (LTP), and the exchange.

My Stocks:

This watchlist will be generated when you have stocks in your portfolio or when you buy stocks. 

Recently Viewed

Now you can see your recently searched stocks in this watchlist. Through this, you can also add stocks to another watchlist.


IIFL Markets provide five custom watchlists for you which helps to differentiate these in different segments if you wish. Each watchlist has the capacity of 50 stocks. Here you can add any stock and adjust it according to your personal preferences. If for example, the car manufacturing industry is booming and giving excellent returns, you can add all the car manufacturing companies to a single watchlist and trade while saving time and making quick decisions. Apart from this another method of arranging your stocks could be based on the time you have decided to invest in a particular stock. [For the long term you can create a different list and similarly for short term stocks.]


When any company is undergoing a drastic change and it is something that can majorly affect the price of their stock, all the investors observe its actions closely and monitor any change occurring. IIFL has made this easy for its customers and introduced a simple yet effective feature. While scrolling through the list of stocks you will be able to see the word “EVENT” associated with the concerned stock. If you feel that this stock has a promising future and the event associated with it is going to benefit your investments you can conveniently select the stock and add it to your customizable watchlist. By doing so, you can have an accurate sense of how the stock is performing in the market. 

Now that we are well versed with the basic functioning, let us look at how a sample trade looks like while using Watchlist using the following steps:

1. You can directly start adding stocks to your watchlist in the simplest way by clicking on the “+” icon beside the price of the stock.

2.When you start adding stocks to your watchlist, it is very important to look into their price changes and other details. In IIFL Markets, the watchlist has Price Flickers which indicates the Last Traded Price (LTP) of a stock. It continuously changes when there is a change in LTP.

3. When you check the price flickers of a stock, there is a different section where you can keep checking i.e Indices on your watchlist. IIFL Markets' watchlist has scrollable indices which help to check indices just by one horizontal scroll.

As shown here you can see a total of 3 terms i.e. Nifty, Banknifty, Sensex. Let us look at what each of them mean…


Nifty: “National stock Exchange fifty” simply means Nifty. It is a benchmark set by the Indian stock markets and it represents the “weighted average” of the top 50 companies which are listed in the National Indian Stock Exchange. The computation of NIFTY 50 indices are based on a float-adjusted and market capitalisation weighted method and its formula is given by: Index value = Current MV or market value / (Base Market Capital * 1000)

We calculate this and provide you with real-time changes at your fingertips. 

Banknifty: Banknifty is a term used to represent the 12 most liquid and large capitalized stocks that belong to the banking sector and also trade and get listed in the National Stock Exchange. It acts as a benchmark to capture the capital market performance of the banking sector in India. 

Sensex: This is specific to the Bombay Stock Exchange and plays the role of a benchmark index in BSE. It comprises the 30 largest and most active players[companies] of the stock market and tells us how well the Indian Economy is performing. It is reviewed semiannually and works on similar principles of Nifty. 

By going through each watchlist, always keep in mind that sorting plays a very important role. We provide this sorting option to each watchlist.

Sort By :

Sorting methods widely used are available here under this option. When you come to the watchlist and have added 50 stocks, you will get confused to keep an eye on these stocks. Below are the options included in this Sort By card :

1. Alphabetically: You can simply sort the watchlist with orders i.e A-Z and Z-A.

2.% Change: This method helps us to see the difference between the current price and the last trade of the previous day and it can get sorted through High-Low and Low-High.

3. LTP: LTP is the Last Traded Price at which the last transaction got executed on an exchange and it can get sorted by High-Low and Low-High.

4. Volume: It is the total quantity of shares or contracts traded during a given period of time and it can get sorted by High-Low and Low-High.

Apart from this, you can make various other changes to Watchlists:

  1. Add Stocks: Through this option, you can simply add up to 50 stocks to your watchlist

  2. Delete stocks: If your watchlist seems to be filled or you don’t want these many stocks then you can make use of this option and delete the stocks from the watchlist.

  3. Rename Watchlist: You can change the name of your watchlist.

  4. Set As Default: This option helps to set the default watchlist which means whenever you will come to the watchlist screen, this watchlist will be listed first.

With all these features available at your fingertips, you will be able to create a watchlist about stocks that matter and stocks where you have invested your money in.

Are you ready to embark on a journey with the thrill of learning and risk? Keep your finances ready and head over to the IIFL Markets app to begin investing today!

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