Things to Know about NCD Bonds

Things to Know about NCD Bonds

NCD is a lucrative product of the money market. It balances the liquidity and risks while offering substantial returns. It’s a fixed-income instrument issued by top-companies offering higher interest rates than fixed deposits. It is a must for the Indian masses. IIFL Securities have come up with game changing  features to increase the success rate of bids and shine a new light into our customer’s journey. Whether you are an IIFL customer or a Non-IIFL customer, you can start your investment journey with us. Follow along to experience the revamped journey of NCD bidding.

Feature 1:Real-Time Bidding:
Our tech team never settles for the normal. We always try to come up with new features to improve the user's journey on our platform. The latest feature added to our basket is Real-time bidding. This means, your bid is placed in the exchange instantly and your order gets confirmed instantly. This is further backed by a quick confirmation mail. Invest now and stay updated at every step of your journey.

Feature 2: Pre-Filled ASBA form:
Do you get confused looking at the complex ASBA Form? Why write everything again on the physical form when you have already provided the details while bidding? For your convenience, we provide you with the pre-filled form containing your details and your bid details. All you have to do is sign the form and submit it to your bank!

Feature 3: After Market Hours Bidding:

Didn’t get time to bid during market hours? We have got you covered. No matter when you place your order, we save it with us and process your application first thing in the morning. 

Don’t miss the opportunity now, with the best in class investing platform packed with the latest features, you can put your money to work in no time.

Happy Investing!!