Portfolio Analyzer on IIFL Markets App

Portfolio Analyzer on IIFL Markets App


What is a Portfolio?

A portfolio is a bucket of all the investments that you have made, which can be across different classes, ranging from stocks to mutual funds. It consists of investments made into publicly traded securities like shares, ETFs, futures & options, Mutual fund’s and so on. Your portfolio may be a well-balanced bucket with diversified assets or it may be impulsively bought without any thought behind it. In either case, you need to have the power of the third eye, to be able to see it from all angles and make correct decisions.

With IIFL Markets App you can now do multiple things with your portfolio in the holdings section which has multiple functionalities that are specially curated for clients. It has all the parameters which an investor looks for such as Total Invested Value, Total Current Value, Your Total & Today's Gain and Loss. We will help you sort your holdings in multiple ways such as one can sort by - Alphabetically, By Current value & Percentage Total gain and loss. 

What is Analytics?

Analytics is a set of tools used to draw deeper insights into any set of data. In a sense of superpowers, it acts like a third eye which helps you to connect the hidden dots. Such deep-drawn information can be extremely beneficial for decision making, cutting down errors and future planning as well, even while planning your investments. If you are one such rational person who likes to make decisions based on such deep analysis, be it buying a new smartphone, or buying a new stock, you should definitely ride the analytics roller coaster.

Let’s deep dive further to understand the basics of a portfolio, and how analytics as a tool will help you gain better control over your investments at the IIFL markets app.

Understanding Portfolio with Analyser 

Let’s assume that you have been investing and trading in stocks for a long time on IIFL Markets app. You also make sure to diversify your holdings by buying shares from different sectors, also across large and small companies for healthy returns and lowering your risks.

Recently, only after using the analytics feature, did you find out about your Portfolio Score and the performance of your portfolio when compared with NIFTY. Let's understand how to use this tool like a pro and make way for ourselves too.

Following are Insights you can check to improve your portfolio -

  • Top gainer and Top loser (Today, This Week & This month)

  • Score analysis - Price to book, Price to Earnings, Price to earnings growth, dividend yield.

Portfolio Analyser, a new feature on the IIFL markets app, now provides insights on your holdings like never before.

Let us now see how you can access the Portfolio Analyzer in the IIFL Markets App

Step 1 Click on the insights icon on the holdings section /Portfolio


Step 2 Click on analytics



Step 3 Check your portfolio analytics

IIFL always wants its users to stay ahead of the lot therefore we keep coming up with multiple ways to improve ourselves for a better customer experience. With Portfolio Analyzer we want our users to have a better understanding of their portfolios and have an insightful experience. So why wait to begin your learning journey now with IIFL Markets App.

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