Now do more with your Watchlists

Now do more with your Watchlists

Watchlists have traditionally been used for a singular purpose, for tracking a list of scrips which you’ve carefully curated based on your research & analysis.

There have been no significant changes or improvements in the recent past about the information you get about these scrips on your Watchlist. That’s why we are introducing Customisable Watchlist!

Now you will be able to identify trading & investment opportunities directly from Watchlist! And the best part is, you get to choose, what information do you want to see & track!

How to use it?

Click on the Customize Watchlist button after clicking on the three dots on your Watchlist.


After you click on it,

In our pilot version, you have the opportunity to track the following 4 category of insights on your Watchlist:

(By default first 3 will be ticked)

  1. Recommendations

  2. Corporate Events

  3. Margin benefits via BNPL

  4. Holding Quantity

  5. Market Mover ( Not available in the pilot version, will be available soon )

Tick in the tick box on whichever insight you want to track, the dummy card will show you how each card of your Watchlist would look based on whatever you tick. 

Here, you also get the option to re-arrange the order of the indices that you see on your Watchlist.

What do the insights mean?

  1. Recommendations

These are expert recommendations based on the analysis of our research team.

They could be long term calls, short term calls, intraday calls, FnO calls and even currency or commodity recommendations.

Clicking on the one-liner insight will take you directly to the buy-sell page with pre-filled data based on the recommendation. You will be able to edit the details if you wish to do so.

  1. Corporate Events

These are the corporate actions as announced by the companies.

Clicking on the one-liner insight will take you to the corporate action page of the company details page.

  1. Margin benefits via Buy Now Pay Later

This shows you the percentage savings in Margin required if you place an order via BNPL

Clicking on the one-liner insight will take you to the buy-sell page with BNPL order type selected. You will be able to edit the details if you wish to do so.

  1. Holding Quantity

This shows the quantity of stocks ( if present in your holdings ).

Please note that just like your Holdings in Portfolio, this will get updated only once the stock has reached your DP or been cleared out from your DP ( T+1 updation )

What will the Watchlist look like?

Even though there’s a dummy card to show you all the cases, let’s look at real examples from Watchlist and let's discuss the logic behind the prioritization of display of insights in case multiple insights are available.

The prioritization of one-liners have been done based on the rarity  of the occurrence of the insights.

Recommendations > Corporate Actions > Margin Benefits via BNPL 

Incase, there are all three insights available, this is how the card would look like:

*Please note that only one-liners are clickable and not the icons.

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