New Login Flow

New Login Flow

Now any Client/Guest can login using either Mobile Number, Email ID, as well as client ID

If the number/email is identified as client, then it proceeds to next screen, if not, the user is sent to Account Opening/Guest Login Flow

No More hassle of complicated passwords, simply use a 4 digit PIN to login ( or fingerprint)

If the mobile or email ID is mapped to multiple client IDs, we ask the user to enter PAN

If not, the user has to enter OTP as a one time process for device verification which is sent to both his registered email as well as mobile number

For old users, who have no PIN set, we will ask for year of birth for verification and help them to set a PIN

After that process, daily login process for a client will be very simple.

In a new device, after device verification the client will have an option to Login using PIN or use Forgot PIN and use Year of Birth to verify and login.

In a device where the client has logged in before, the client can login using PIN or OTP or Device Lock ( Fingerprint).