MF App V2.7.0.0

MF App V2.7.0.0

We are pleased to enable below features in the latest release of Mutual Fund app of IIFL Securities V2.7.0.0 

UPI For Fund Transfer & Investments

Now fund transfer to IIFL Securities for investments is all the more flexible and convenient, with the introduction of UPI option in addition to existing internet banking options. With this option, payment for investments can be done within seconds - with convenience & simplicity.

How To Use UPI 

  • UPI option can be chosen as part of the fund transfer feature.

Visit Menu >> Fund Transfer >> Add Money

* A/c numbers are sample account numbers for representation purpose only

  • Choose the amount to transfer. Select amount from the quick pay boxes below, or enter amount of your choice. Enter UPI ID for the selected bank account, and proceed.

Please ensure that you are entering correct and valid UPI ID linked with your registered bank a/c. Failure to do so will result in rejection of the transaction.

  • A request would be initiated to the UPI app which you use to transact with the entered UPI ID. Just visit your UPI App, approve the UPI request, and come back to the IIFL Securities MF App. Please approve the request within time stipulated on the app screen.

That’s it. The successful transaction would result in updating your ledger balance in seconds.

In addition, while you are making payment for investment for lump sum of SIP with First Order Today (By the way, did you know that you can choose to start SIP with First Order Today [FOT] option and get your first installment made on the very first business day possible? Do check this out on app!) and if your ledger balance is insufficient for the current order, you can pay for the shortfall through UPI as well. The process would be exactly similar.

To download the latest app version and check out this feature, click here now!