Investment Baskets & Much More - New Features & Enhancements On IIFL Securities MF Website - January 2021

Investment Baskets & Much More - New Features & Enhancements On IIFL Securities MF Website - January 2021

We are pleased to have launched following new features and enhancements on our MF website

1. Investment Baskets

We have extended our SIP Basket feature to include lumpsum investments in baskets of your choice. Now, you can use these readily curated investment baskets depending on your preference and complete your investments in just few clicks.

Potential benefits of investment baskets -

A. “I want to invest X amount, but I don’t know which schemes to invest in, and how to allocate funds. What should I do?” - This is often a question faced by most investors, and our investment baskets aim to solve this question. Depending upon your choice of basket, research-backed schemes are pre-filled with respective allocation.

B. The process is simple & online - can be completed with just few clicks!

How to invest through investment baskets -

Step 1: Select the investment basket of your choice

Step 2:  Select investment mode - lumpsum or SIP and enter amount

Step 3: Complete payment from your preferred payment mode.

That’s it! Your basket investments are set-up.

2. NFOs enabled under Switch and Transfer Holdings feature

We have recently enabled provision with which you can invest in new fund offer schemes (NFOs) by switching investments from an existing scheme. Just like a normal switch / transfer holdings transaction can be done in an open ended scheme, so can this be done in an NFO as well - of course, in those NFOs in which switch-in is allowed in the first place.

Just to re-iterate - “Transfer Holdings” is our flagship feature through which you can move your investments outside IIFL Securities to IIFL Securities online. This helps you to track your investments in one place. Visit, login, visit Portfolio >> Transfer MF To IIFL to transfer outside holdings, or switch from existing holdings through portfolio.

We have also done some optimization and UI changes in the website.

We hope you’ll like these latest enhancements. We’ll keep updating our platforms to provide you with even better experience. Please watch out this space for more.