Introducing Trading View Charts on IIFL Markets App

Introducing Trading View Charts on IIFL Markets App

Introducing TradingView


Have you been switching applications to trade and lost track of it? If yes, then this has been very common for the traders who track and analyze the market from different charting platforms and trade through another, one such charting platform is TradingView. Since the digitalization of trading in India, numerous charting products have come up but only TradingView has emerged as a very popular platform within the Indian trading community. Wouldn't it be great if both the functionalities are available at a single platform hence avoiding the “toggle struggle”? Considering this fact, we have introduced TradingView Charts on IIFL Markets App, for our users to experience the best.

TradingView is a US-based charting platform and social network used by 30M+ traders and investors worldwide to spot opportunities across global markets. The simple user interface makes it easy to use for amateur traders while the advanced features and tools offer a lot for experienced traders. It also offers numerous trading and charting tools for technical analysis.

Apart from a plethora of features that it offers let us look at some of its salient features that make TradingView charts unique:

  1. Advanced Drawing Tools - TradingView provides you with advanced drawing tools like Pitchfork, Gann Box, Fibonacci Extension, Fibonacci time zone, Candlestick patterns, etc. along with basic tools like Trend Line, Horizontal Line, and Parallel Channel, etc., catering to experts as well as novice users.


  1. Ease of drawing on the charts - Adding drawings on the charts while using the mobile platform gets cumbersome at times. To solve this problem, TradingView has introduced:  

- Tap-Drag-Tap functionality to add anchor points to the chart


- Drawing lock functionality: It freezes the drawing to the chart so that any relative motion between the drawing and the chart is restricted.

    To lock your drawing, tap on the drawing. This will open a list of action items, where you will select the Lock Drawing button(marked in the image below)

- Group Drawings: It groups multiple drawing items into a single entity so that any actions(Lock/Unlock, Hide/Unhide and Remove) applied on the group will be reflected on all the constituent drawings. 

   To group your drawings, 

    i. Tap on the Object Tree button(marked in the screen below). This will open the pop-up of the Object tree where you’ll see the drawings that you have added.


    ii. Tap on a particular drawing(Trend Line in the example) and then tap on Create a group of drawings. This will create a new group (Group 1 in this example). You can long-press on the drawing to drag and add it to the group.


  iii. Tap on the group name to see the list of actions that you perform on the group.

  1. Go To date: Backtesting your strategy becomes a tedious task when you have to scroll through the chart to see the trends from the past. Solving this problem, the Go To date functionality has been introduced which will take you to the particular date that you have specified.

To use this functionality, 

i. Tap on the Go To button(marked in the image below)

ii. Enter the date in the pop-up that opens up. This will take you to the chart around that date

  1. Replay Actions: This functionality lets you replay any actions that you have performed on a chart like adding/removing an indicator or drawing, changing the date range, or candle frequency. 

Tap on the replay button(marked in the screenshot below) to use this functionality.

  1. Personalize the appearance: You can personalize the appearance of your chart from the Chart Settings.

     i. Tap on the Settings button(marked in the screenshot below). 


ii. This will open a pop-up screen where you can customize the appearance of the chart elements according to your preferences.

Looking at these you would have got a slight idea about the plenty of features/functionalities that TradingView provides and how it can be helpful while trading. Let us see how you can access this feature on the IIFL Markets App.
  1. Go to in-app Settings. You will see Chart Configuration. You can switch between TradingView and ChartIQ for the default chart.


Then why wait, head on to the IIFL Markets App and explore this feature now.

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