Introducing Sensibull - India's Biggest Options Trading Platform

Introducing Sensibull - India's Biggest Options Trading Platform

Are you a person who is scared of trading in options due to the fear of losing too much or are you the one who doesn’t understand options trading? Options trading has always been a nightmare for traders and the toughest business to make money. There is a lot that goes into Options trading and traders need to learn more about options trading strategies instead of just buying and selling Calls and Puts. Keep your worries aside traders as we introduce you to a new feature that we have integrated on our platforms – Sensibull, India’s biggest Options Trading Platforms. 

What Is Sensibull?

Sensibull is a third party Options Strategy Platform that allows traders to get suggestions on strategies on their view of the market and execute the options trading from the same platform. The core focus of Sensibull is to make Options trading simple and hassle-free for traders. 

Sensibull offers everything from easy options trading for beginners to building advanced strategies for aggressive and professional traders. 
Find out what Sensibull offers below: 

  • Easy Options:

If you are a beginner and don’t know where to start from, Sensibull offers you simple trades to take your call on by just knowing the stock and its direction. This way the risk of losses is lowered and you have the option of choosing between different profit bookings.  For example, if you feel that the NIFTY would trade on an upper side, you simply choose the option and predict on the movement of the index if it would be small, average or a big move. 

  • Strategies Wizard:

If you have a target on a particular stock or index, Sensibull offers you the option to have a view on it and choose the target price on a target expiry date. You don’t need to worry about the strategies as Sensibull will provide you with different strategies to trade now. For example, suppose you predict that the stock of BHEL will trade between INR 35 and INR 40 till a particular expiry date, you simply put in the values and Sensibull shows you a list of trades that you can take. 

  • Compare Trades:

Not sure which trade to choose from the list of trades after taking a view on the market. You can now compare different options under one window for various scenarios. 

  • Strategy Builder:

If you are a pro trader and likes to create your own strategies while trading options, Sensibull offers you a perfect way to build your own strategy by choosing between different options strategies. You can use ready-made strategies at your disposal or can create your own strategies if you want. 

  • Virtual Trading:

Sensibull also offers Virtual trading where you can trade options without using real money. This way you can learn the practical way of trading in options and also track if you are making profits or losses. You can build your own strategies inside the virtual portfolio and execute them with Virtual money. 

  • Option Chain:

Trouble understanding Option chains? Sensibull offers an easy way to understand and visualize option chains with advanced options like real-time Greeks and the option to analyze Open Interest (OI).

In addition, there are a variety of different features present on Sensibull such as Screeners, OI analyzer, Event calendars and so on that allows user to have a one-stop platform for options trading. You can also get Real-time price and P&L alerts on WhatsApp and mobile app. 

How Can You Access Sensibull?

IIFL users can access Sensibull through different trading platforms like TTWeb and IIFL Markets application. Coming soon on TTExe as well. 

How To Access Sensibull Through TTWeb Platform?

Step 1: Open TTWeb on browser and login with valid credentials. 

Step 2: Once logged in, you can visit the Sensibull website by clicking on the menu option present in menu bar as shown below:

You can also click on the last tab “Sensibull for Options” from the bottom options bar to see different options present on Sensibull. You will get redirected to Sensibull website once you click on any option. 

Step 3: You will be auto signed-in with IIFL account on the Sensibull website and you can now explore the different options present on Sensibull. 

Step 4: You can now start trading with easy trade options. Simply click on Easy Options and have a view on market or stock.

Step 5: After clicking on “Trade” option, you can place your order. Multiple orders can be placed at the same time.

How To Access Sensibull Through IIFL Markets Application?

IIFL Markets application offers an easy way to access Sensibull option. All you need to do is be logged in to your account. 
Step 1: Go to “Menu” and you will see an option of “Sensibull”.

Step 2: You will be redirected to Sensibull page where you can see different options related to options trading. 

Step 3: You can now start trading with easy trade options. Simply click on Easy Options and have a view on market or stock.

Step 4: After clicking on the “Trade” option, you can place your order. Multiple orders can be placed at the same time.

What are you waiting for? Become a trading pro by investing in options using simple and low-risk strategies. Explore the different options on Sensibull and choose the best strategies that best suits you. With Sensibull, you can trade with self-defined risks. Pre-determine the amount of risk you are willing to take and be in control. Isn’t that peace of mind?

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