Introducing OneUp - Primary Market Investment Platform (IPO, NCD, SGB etc.)

Introducing OneUp - Primary Market Investment Platform (IPO, NCD, SGB etc.)


What is OneUp?


Are you among those people who hover around researching and checking out different platforms to dig into the details about numerous live or upcoming securities in the primary market? Are you interested in investment opportunities which are open to the public for the first time?

Then IIFL Securities has got you covered. Introducing OneUp, a one-stop platform with a holistic approach for all kinds of primary market offerings like IPOs, SGBs and NCDs which can be accessed from the IIFL Markets App. You can now take advantage of these new market opportunities at their debut, without any hassle or long process of signing up. You will now have all the information on these new market offerings which are meticulously curated and compiled into a compact and concise platform without missing out on any key details.


The key features of OneUp


  1. Everything about the company in one page:

Before applying for an IPO, an investor needs some key information about the company to make a decision. They either go through multiple news sites and blogs to get information on the company's background, past performance, their strengths and weaknesses; or they visit different websites to check the views of top market analysts and broking houses. When the IPO is live for bidding, a user is also interested in knowing the subscription status of the IPO to predict the listing gains.

Overall, the requirements to make a decision are many, but this information is scattered all over the internet. To tackle this, IIFL securities has created OneUp.

OneUp simplifies the process of investing in IPOs, NCDs, and SGBs by consolidating all relevant information on a single platform rather than dispersing it across multiple sources.

All the necessary information regarding IPOs is divided into six concise and to-the-point key snippets that investors like you look for before applying.

     Listing gains

     Company’s past 3 years' performance

     Company’s health

     Subscription status

     Insight from Top Analysts

     Application closing timer

For investors who want more details, OneUp provides an option to download a 3-page complete report, containing their sectorial strengths and weaknesses, future perspectives, etc.


  1. No limit on bidding Amount:

When bidding for an IPO online, you may have noticed that most brokers do not allow you to bid for amounts greater than Rs. 2 lakh. Even if you manage to place a bid greater than 2lakh, you are presented with an IPO form, which is very confusing to fill up.

OneUp has also lifted these restrictions. You no longer have to limit your online bid to less than 2 lakh. You don't have to call the brokers or your relationship manager and ask them to submit an application on your behalf, then wait for it to be confirmed. In OneUp, your applications are promptly forwarded to the exchange and processed. Furthermore, you do not need to fill out the lengthy IPO form because we have already filled it out for you. All you have to do is double-check your details and sign.


  1. Bid 24/7 and ahead of time:

OneUp is all about staying a step ahead in your fresh market investments. So why not stand first in the line when applying for IPOs. With OneUp, you can submit your bids 3 days prior to the IPO opening. We save your applications and process, them the first thing in the morning when the IPO application starts.

Now, another issue you might face is with the application timing. The applications are accepted only during trading hours.


  1. Bidding for you and your family.

How many times have you applied for an IPO and actually got the allotment? With so many applications, IPOs are oversubscribed almost every time. To increase the chance of allotment and enjoy the sweet listing gains, you also need to place bids from your friends and family account. It is now difficult to log into multiple brokers' accounts and place bids on their platforms.

OneUp has come up with a great feature, in which you can place bids for your friends and family directly from your account. No need to download multiple broking apps and ask for their login details. Just select the “Other” option in Application and enter their details.


  1. Open for everyone:

OneUp is the industry's first platform for all kinds of Fresh Market Investments. So why limit it only to IIFL customers. That’s why, to use OneUp, no signup is required. Login with minimum information and start bidding now.

How to apply through OneUp?


     If you are an IIFL Customer, you can access OneUp through the IPOs section in the Hamburger menu of the IIFL Markets mobile app. In case, you are a non-IIFL client access the same from

     You will be redirected to a screen where you can find a collection of Live and Upcoming IPOs, NCDs, SGBs and other securities that are issued by the company directly for investors like you.

      To apply for an IPO, click on the ‘Apply now’ button.  If you are a non-IIFL customer, you need to enter the basic details like your phone number, Email Id and your PAN details.

    Now you will enter a screen where you can select bid price, number of lots and even add your custom bid price. You can add more bids (up to three) and edit your existing bid. 

      On clicking the ‘Next’ button you will be redirected to a screen where you can select your investor category and add  Demat details. In OneUp, you can place bids for others as well, be it friends or family members.

      On the next screen, you need to enter your UPI Id and apply. A success prompt with the application number will be displayed on a successful bid.

     If you want to review or check your application status, you can check the same in “view application”

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