Introducing Gocharting for IIFL Users

Introducing Gocharting for IIFL Users

The GoCharting Edge

It brings us great pleasure to announce our partnership with the GoCharting team in an endeavour to bring a world-class charting and trading experience to our users through our Open API integration as well as Deep integration of their charting platform

About GoCharting Platform

GoCharting is an advanced web and mobile-based charting, trading and analytics platform that supports all asset classes and multiple exchanges including NSE and MCX. It is the world’s first and only web-based platform that supports Orderflow Charting on the web. Some of the highlights of this platform are:

  1. 14 Simple and Exotic Chart Types: GoCharting boasts of the most advanced Renko, Kagi, LineBreak, Elder Impulse and Point & Figure charts on the web with deep customization abilities.

2. 130+ Built-in Indicators: GoCharting comes loaded with all your favourite indicators including but not limited to SuperTrend, Moving Averages, Oscillators, CPR Pivots, Anchored VWAPs and many more. It even allows adding an Indicator on another Indicator.

3. Built-in CandleStick Patterns: GoCharting is capable of automatically detecting simple and complex Candlestick Patterns including but not limited to Doji, Hammers, Tweezers and many more.

4. 100+ Drawing Tools: Name any drawing tool of your choice and you will find it in GoCharting. The level of customizations on GoCharting is simply unparalleled and every drawing tool supports keyboard shortcuts for extra precision.

5. Advanced Scaling: Capable of supporting multiple scales including linear, log, square root, inverse and dual scales, it provides traders additional precision views with tools such as Lock Aspect Ratios, Drawing Magnet Modes, Edge Coordinates, layered charting objects, context menus and time zones.

6. Multi-Charts and Cloud-based storage: You can create custom layouts with multiple charts and save your layouts, indicators, drawings and templates on the cloud. You can also export the data from the chart to Excel.

7. Advanced Watchlist: GoCharting comes with an advanced watchlist for its users with multiple views and settings. It comes with customizable lists, a daily candle screen, and heatmap views. You can create multiple watchlists and bookmark your favourite stocks.

8. Orderflow Visualizations: GoCharting brings to its users extremely powerful Orderflow visualization tools which includes

a. Time & Sales: View big orders on the tape and track them through an advanced filter option and gradient coloration. Read more…

b. Depth of Market: Most advanced Depth of Market widget on the web capable of tracking the Asks, Bids, Trades, and Volume Profile in a single view. Read more

c. Orderbook: View the Bids and Asks in a unique cumulative visualization to access market sentiments in terms of buyer and seller pulls. Read more

9. Market Profile Charts and Volume Profile Charts: GoCharting is the first charting platform to have introduced advanced Market Profile Charts on the web and mobile. Market Profile Charts measure market sentiments to create time based profiles that provide an instant edge to the traders. Read more…

GoCharting provides Market and Volume Profile charts in Composite, Day Session and Fixed Range mode.

IIFL Integration and Trade from Chart

This integration allows IIFL users to trade directly from the GoCharting charts. User can now

● Place Orders from Chart

● Modify Orders from Chart

● Delete Orders from Chart

● Track and Close Positions from Chart

Limit and Stop Orders:

To Place a Limit and Stop Order -

(a) Right Click on the Chart and Choose Buy/Sell Limit OR (b) Use the Trade Widget to punch in your Order

Market Orders:

To Place a Market Order -

(a) Right Click on the Chart and Choose Buy/Sell Market OR (b) Use the Trade Widget to punch in your Order OR © Use the One-Click Trade widget

Orders once placed can be modified and cancelled on the fly.

GoCharting also comes with advanced keyboard shortcuts to provide the trader with an edge needed to outpace volatile markets.

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