IIFL Securities MF App V2.8.1.0 - New Features & Enhancements

IIFL Securities MF App V2.8.1.0 - New Features & Enhancements

We are pleased to have launched following new features and enhancements in our MF App (version You can get the latest version here - update now!

SIP Baskets

SIP Baskets are ready-made baskets of schemes that provide you with a one-click solution - how to allocate SIP funds, and in which schemes, depending upon your theme of choice! Hence this may be an excellent option for hassle-free and quick investment initiation.

The baskets are prepared by our team of experts backed by research. Under respective available themes, schemes along with their respective allocation are pre-selected. All you need to do is to decide total SIP amount, and place the order.

Here’s how you can access this feature -

  • Login to the app
  • SIP Baskets option would be available in the Dashboard, as well as in the hamburger menu
  • Select a theme of your choice
  • Schemes with % allocation would be displayed.
  • Review and proceed by inputting the total SIP amount, selecting payment mode, and place SIP Basket order.

The payment modes available include internet bank mandate, debit card mandate, physical mandate which help in automated investments from your bank accounts.

We have also done few UI enhancements in this version.

We hope you’ll like these latest enhancements. We’ll keep updating our app to provide you with even better experience. Please watch out this space for more.