IIFL Securities MF App V2.8.0.1 - New Features & Enhancements

IIFL Securities MF App V2.8.0.1 - New Features & Enhancements

We are pleased to have launched following new features and enhancements in our MF App (version You can get the latest version here - update now!


New Dashboard

In the new dashboard, you will have a summary view of all important aspects - your IIFL Securities Holdings, upcoming SIPs, latest news. Few new features we have added, which can also be seen in the dashboard are:

Free Credit Score

Now you can check your credit score at free of cost. You would need to confirm / submit basic details such as -



Email (Please use one where you receive your financial statements / which is linked with your bank accounts)

Date of Birth

Pin Code

We will fetch your credit score on best match basis. Please note, that this service is based on a “soft pull” method - and hence does not impact your credit score after it is fetched.


Portfolio Analysis

You can now also track your investments not done through IIFL Securities. You may require to confirm / submit similar details as mentioned above. You can upload your investment statement and track the portfolio. You can also check portfolio analysis of such uploaded portfolio. The analysis includes sector allocation, sector exposure, ratings analysis, etc.

You can share -

How to generate the statement -

1. Visit https://new.camsonline.com/Home

2. Go to Services For Investors >> Statements >> CAS - CAMS+KFintech+FTAMIL

3. Choose 'Statement Type' as 'Detailed'.

4. Choose the 'Period' as 'Specific Period' and enter date range as per your convenience. If not sure, use far-dated historical 'From Date' eg. 01/04/2000

5. Enter your email, PAN and choose your PAN (capital letters) as password/key for the CAMS statement (Email should match with one provided to us for portfolio analysis)

6. You will get your CAMS statement over email shortly.


Upcoming SIPs

Now you can track your upcoming SIP transactions also with ease, on our dashboard.

We hope you’ll like these latest enhancements. We’ll keep updating our app to provide you with even better experience. Please watch out this space for more.