Drag and Trade on IIFL Markets App

Drag and Trade on IIFL Markets App

Buy & Sell Directly from the charts

Most traders like to view charts before placing their orders, but going forth and back from the charts to the order page can be quite a tedious process, What if you could place the order directly from the chart while analyzing. IIFL brings you a unique feature that most other brokers do not provide, now you can directly place orders through charts. Let us look at some of the key advantages that this feature provides :

Benefits of Buying/Selling Directly from the charts:

  1. Minimizes effort

Trading directly through the chart reduces the effort of the traders who love to gain insights from the charts. They don't have to note down the price and other parameters and then come back to the order page to place the order.

  1. Accurate order execution

Accurate order execution takes place due to the reduction in time lag while placing the order from the charts.

  1. Helpful while trading through indicators

It can be helpful in placing orders if a trader uses technical indicators for analysis while trading, one can see the entry and exit points and simultaneously place multiple orders such as stop-loss and target level limit order.

That is exactly what we have for you; place orders directly from the chart.   

Here is how you can place the order directly from the chart - 

  1. Click on the Trade button (marked by the red circle in the image below)


  1. You will see the Order Toolbar on the right edge of your screen. Click on the Buy button (marked in black circle).

  1. A pop-up will be displayed attached to a marker(red circle) on the Price axis. You can move the marker along the Price axis to set the price for a limit order or toggle on the pop-up to place the Buy order at market price. You can also toggle between Delivery or Intraday order, from the pop-up.

  1. Click on the Buy button to place the order.

By now you would have understood why this feature is helpful and where to find it in our IIFL Markets App. For more such amazing features stay tuned with us to find out what more you can do in our application to help you trade better.

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