TT Web Flow- 

Step 1-

User must click on Buy Now Pay Later option in the margin section.

Step 2-

User will land on the BNPL summary page where he can check his pledged stocks as well as Pledge his stocks instantly after placing an BNPL order.

Step 3-

After clicking on the link to pledge you would need to input the OTP.

Post OTP process, the link on the Pay Now page would disappear after 5minutes. However, if the link isn't removed that means the pledge verification is rejected.


Pledge post order placement. This flow is shown to clients whenever, a BNPL market order is placed

Step 1 - 

Step 2 -

Step 3 - In a few seconds user will be redirected to the authorization screen

Step 4- User must click on authorize now and must enter the OTP on the cdsl web site and then click on Verify.

BNPL summary user flow –

Clients can also pledge their BNPL stocks from BNPL Summary Tab.

Post OTP process, the ‘Authorize Now’ link in BNPL summary tab would disappear after 5 minutes. However, if the link isn’t removed that means pledge validation is rejected. Clients can also view their pledge status from Summary section.

Step 1- User can check his BNPL summary, and it will show the user if any BNPL transaction is pending to authorize.

Step 2- User must click on authorize now card to pledge his BNPL transactions.

Step 3- User must click on authorize now and must enter the OTP on the CDSL website and then click on Verify.

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